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My new book, Drop the S: Recovering From Superwoman Syndrome, was published in August 2021! So exciting! Available in Paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle Ebook version. Please share my story with the women in your life and the men that love them!

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Click on each book to be directed to their Kindle and/or paperback editions. Adding new titles as I write them! Enjoy! If you have ideas for new subjects, send me an email or comment!

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Why is Burnout an Epidemic and What Can We Do About It?

It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of your family, a multi-million-dollar corporation or both; you can still get overwhelmed and experience the symptoms of burnout. In my recent book, Drop the S: Recovering from Superwoman Syndrome, I discussed my own personal journey through burnout. The inner drive that we must excel often leads … Continue reading Why is Burnout an Epidemic and What Can We Do About It?

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